Kumo Labs

Big Data. Data Science. Consulting Services.

About Kumo Labs

Kumo Labs is an exciting new startup dedicated to providing insights into your local community and neighborhood. We are using the latest techniques in big data processing and data science to mine the vast amount of open government data and generate information that is the most relevent to our users.

We are currently developing our own product around our research and expertise which will launch sometime in Q4 2015. Please contact us or check back for more information.

Big Data

Since 2013, the Open Government Initiative has published an immense amount of data collected by various agencies. Unfortunately, the format of the data was never specified so most agencies just do a raw or CVS dump of years of data. The first step in our mission is to normalize some of the more interesting datasets into a format that can be easily accessed and queried. If you are interested in API access to the full set of our normalized data, please contact us!

Data Science

Data science is a new and rapidly expanding field that is being used in everything from business intelligence to health care. Our main focus is on accurately analyzing our raw government data and presenting it to our users in the clearest way possible. We are also looking for trends across datasets as they relate to a specific neighborhood. We believe this will give our users great insight into their community and empower them to make changes they need.

Consulting Services

Our team is always looking for new opportunities to grow and learn new technologies. We are a group of highly technical founders and combined, have more than 30 years of software development experience. We have worked with everything from low level embedded programming to scalable architectures and web interfaces. If you have a challenging problem, contact us and we will help you solve it!